Kratom or Speciosa Mitragyna grows in different locations and regions of Southeast Asia, and each area gives the strains a unique property. You may have heard about Red Kale, Green Bali, and White Borneo kratom strains. The name of each strain is from the location and the vein color of the kratom leaves. One popular strain that does not reveal its origin is the Maeng Da kratom. There is a particular enigma attached to this name, and we are here to find out! Read ahead to see why Maeng Da is so famous and unique.

What’s With The Name?

Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade’ in the Thai language. Due to this name, many people assume that the strain is from Thailand, but that is not so! Maeng Da kratom is available in green, red, and white vein variations, but the name does not indicate the origin. However, many farmers and manufacturers say that this strain is distinct due to the unique drying and processing steps that develop special qualities in this type of kratom. Which of these claims are true?

The reality is that Maeng Da originated in Thailand and was a variation of Thai kratom, but later the same drying and processing methods became widespread. Nowadays, the Maeng Da you get from quality online shops is not only the Thai variation but maybe from Malaysia, Indonesia, or any of the adjacent islands!

Maeng Da Effects And Benefits

The reason for the popularity of this strain is not just the name but also the various benefits it offers. Kratom enthusiasts go for a strain that stimulates their senses and prepares them for the day ahead. An extra surge of energy is always a good idea as we all have challenging routines and a lot of work to juggle in a limited time!

Kratom is rich in alkaloids, and these chemical compounds interact with receptors in our brain. This interaction causes hormone secretion that improves body functions. Red Maeng Da is common and has many fans due to the subtle stress relief and relaxation. Similarly, green Maeng Da is the most popular strain for an energy boost and long-lasting motivation. Green Maeng Da is a favorite for beginners as it is mild yet energizing. You will feel as if you are in high gear even when you consume a small amount each day!

White vein strains are slightly more potent than red and green, and the relaxing effects stay long. White Maeng Da gives users an escape as it sets a soothing and satiated feeling.

Maeng Da kratom is an excellent strain for regular users as well! However, many online shops and enthusiasts recommend that you begin your Mitragyna journey with Green Maeng Da and then try all the strains as each of them has excellent results.

A marketing gimmick that worked

As we mentioned earlier, the name Maeng Da came from Thailand, and it worked as a marketing gimmick since the strain sold well. The name became a reason people tried out the Maeng Da strain, and gradually, harvesters and processing units started drying and treating kratom leaves from other places and sold them by the same name!

Maeng Da is a popular strain, and even regular users are not 100% sure of the origin of the strain they use!

Dosage of Maeng Da kratom

When you begin using kratom or any other organic substance, the body needs time to get used to the ingestion of nutrients and chemical compounds. The initial dosage of Maeng Da kratom should be minimal. Around one gram of Maeng Da, a day should be sufficient for the first week. You can increase your kratom strain intake to a maximum of five grams a day.

Kratom is rich in alkaloids, so consuming more than five grams a day can bring about unwanted side effects. Nausea, headache, or diarrhea can be some temporary side effects that can spoil a whole day!

Where to buy Maeng Da?

Maeng Da kratom is commonly available, but you must select a shop that offers quality. A good kratom product must be fresh and free from dust, moisture, and fungus. Pure Maeng Da is processed at the best manufacturing units that ensure laboratory-tested products. You can look for the best online shop for Maeng Da kratom by looking at user reviews or checking out the websites and product varieties.


Maeng Da means pimp grade in Thailand, and it is a unique kratom strain that is distinct due to the way it is dried and processed. The effects of Maeng Da are diverse and have a wide fan following! Green Maeng Da is a favorite for beginners, and regular users also love to use this strain.

You can buy premium quality Maeng Da from exclusive online shops that ensure potent and laboratory-tested Maeng Da variations. You will enjoy each strain as it has a distinct quality!