Since herbs are gaining a lot of popularity among us these days. Consequently, there is a great array of herbs available all across the market, be it in stores or online. One of such herbs is CBD. Cannabidiol, which is also known as Cannabis, is itself not so safe due to the presence of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the high effects people encounter. So, according to experts, CBD from hemp is considered to be a safe choice as it contains only a bit of THC.

But, the question worth the answer remains, are hemp CBD and kratom products also safe for pets?

We know you are equally curious and want us to put forward the accurate details for you. So, keep scrolling!

Working Of Hemp CBD On Pets

Honestly, there is just a handful of research done on the topic of how hemp cannabis works to benefit pets. So, you can’t say anything for sure. However, it is certain that cannabinoids interact with the receptors present in our nervous system. 

Benefits Of Hemp CBD For Pets

For our routine pets, like cats and dogs, there are many pet parents who claim hemp CBD to have worked. The commonly known health conditions in pets that hemp cannabis has cured are seizures, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, pain, anxiety, and inappetence. Furthermore, it is also claimed by pet parents that it is helpful in providing cardiac benefits, appetite stimulation, anti-cancer benefits, anti-anxiety impact, anti-nausea effects and there is a lot more on the list. 

Risks Of Hemp CBD For Pets

This is the fact that benefits, as well as side effects of hemp CBD, differ from animal to animal. So, you need to be extra cautious while trying out any CBD hemp product besides, keeping an eye on any unusual behavior displayed. However, so far, the reported risks include that the cannabis reacts with the other medications, the label on the product exaggerates the product, and adds fake claims. Secondly, in some cases, the animals suffer the toxicity caused by pesticides and other adulterants. Furthermore, some products contain a higher amount of THC and so, it turns out to be dangerous.

The risks can be minimized if the pet owners ensure sufficient regulatory control, safety, possible consequences, effectiveness, and purity. However, you need to be alert and well aware of all the possibilities while giving it to your pet.

Not to forget that one of the main reasons cannabis is avoided is that it is not approved by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and also, no specific dosage chart has been issued. Therefore, you can’t be certain about the dosage. To be on the safe side, you must always ask a reputable veterinarian and do your own research. Make sure to start off with the lowest dose and use only premium quality products.

Side Effects Of Hemp CBD In Pets

Being a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you offer accurate and initially, just a small dose of hemp CBD. However, still, your beloved pet can encounter side effects. While there is no scientific proof of these side effects, yet pet owners claim them to be real.

Dropped Blood Pressure:

If you feed a high dose of hemp cannabis to your furry buddy then it can make its blood pressure drop. Even if this does not decrease the blood pressure much, yet it can make your pet go light-headed. 

Dry Mouth:

CBD, whether hemp or not, can make the pet go through a dry mouth. It is particularly seen in dogs and consequently, they get thirsty.


If you give a higher dose of cannabis to your pet then it might end up feeling drowsy. As people majorly use it to cure anxiety in dogs, this is one of the main issues they express.

Choosing The Best Hemp CBD For The Pets

Well, this step is far more essential than choosing yourself a perfect shampoo from the shelves carrying numerous products and brands. You need to follow the tips that we are about to mention.

Choose Organic Product

Whether you know it or not but in humans, there have occurred many cases where cannabis was synthetic and it caused severe side effects. So, always get your hands on organic products.

Don’t Settle For Less

We know that low prices attract everybody but in many cases, cheaper products have compromised quality. Using low-quality products turns out to be harmful to health instead of providing anything good. So, regardless of the price, choose premium quality kratom.

Check The Packaging

Make sure that the product you are buying contains a safe amount of THC only. For this, you need to read the certificate provided by the manufacturer. 

Hurray! Now you know about how good hemp CBD products are for pets, their benefits, risks, side effects, and all other details. It is understood that pets are no less than our family members and their health concerns us just as any other thing, this is why we need to take all the possible precautions when introducing them to cannabis. Moreover, it is not necessary that if hemp cannabis works for one of your pets then it will definitely work for the other as well. As said earlier, it all differs from pet to pet.