SpaceMarine's Hemp Reviews Episode 2: Afghani Purple Hemp Flower From Amazing Botanicals Review + Joint Rolling Tutorial

Buy Afghani Purple Hemp Flower From Amazing Botanicals

This is the 2nd episode of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews, presented by the Hemp & CBD Herald. In this episode I review Afghani Purple Hemp Flower from Amazing Botanicals, in addition to detailing the process of rolling a Hemp joint.

Afghani Purple is one of the best strains of Hemp Flower with over 15% CBD. Also, it is extremely fresh and has a stellar aroma compared to many other types of Hemp flower products found in headshops, which are often old and stale.

The best thing about Afghani Purple is that it provides all of the benefits of Cannabis without any of the negative effects. Essentially, this Hemp Flower is very relaxing, analgesic, and gives moderate euphoria, but simultaneously there’s no paranoia, very little intoxication, and no trippin’ out.

This makes Hemp Flower an excellent alternative to Marijuana for if you want to relax but simultaneously don’t want to be incapacitated. Indeed, you could even smoke Hemp flower during the work day and you’d still be able to function well.

Another benefit of Hemp flower is that it is 100% legal, since it has less than 0.3% THC

Best of all, this Hemp flower costs just $8 per eighth and $25 per half ounce if you use the code KRATOMCAFE on the Amazing Botanicals website.

Stay tuned for more episodes of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews! There are countless Hemp and CBD products, and in this series I will be reviewing a full spectrum of Hemp and CBD products in order to discover which products are best and which products to avoid, so that users can make better buying decisions.