SpaceMarine's Hemp Reviews Episode 1: Natural CBD Hempettes

Hempettes review

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This is the first episode of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews, presented by the Hemp & CBD Herald. In this episode I review Natural CBD Hempettes.

Essentially, Hempettes mimic the look and format of cigarettes, where Hemp is packed into 20 tobacco-free cigarettes. This makes Hempettes extremely easy to use and convenient, since instead of having to spend time rolling a Hemp joint, you have a pack of 20 Hempettes that you can use at a moment’s notice.

Notably, these Natural CBD Hempettes are made with Hemp flower shake, which is the small loose pieces of Hemp flower that break off and settle on the bottom of the bag. Although this helps Hempettes to be very cheap, it also means they have very low CBD content. Indeed, the lab results for these Hempettes indicates that they have just 1.5% CBD and a trace of THC, unlike Afghani Purple Hemp Flower from Amazing Botanicals which contains 15% CBD.

That being said, despite the low CBD content I found that these Hempettes provided a perfect amount of relaxation and a moderate mood lift, which was just what I needed after a long day of work.

Simultaneously, these Hempettes don’t cause much sedation, nor any intoxication, making them an excellent way to relax without any consequences.

Overall, I give Natural CBD Hempettes 5 out of 5 stars, since they are convenient, the smoke is very smooth, they provide a perfect amount of relaxation, and they don’t cause any sedation.

Stay tuned for more episodes of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews! There are countless Hemp and CBD products, and in this series I will be reviewing a full spectrum of Hemp and CBD products in order to discover which products are best and which products to avoid, so that users can make better buying decisions.