SaTeaBa Hemp Tea Review

SaTeaBa Hemp Tea

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This is the 3rd episode of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews, presented by The Hemp & CBD Herald. In this episode I review SaTeaBa, which is a 100% pure Hemp tea. Essentially, the Hemp flower which is used to make this tea is decarboxylated, which makes it edible, and then it simply needs to be steeped in hot water to make a potent Hemp brew.

First off, this tea has an excellent smell and taste. Remarkably, no sugar or any other additives are needed to make this tea delicious.

The effects of the Hemp tea hit me very quickly, within minutes, and I became very relaxed, serene, and euphoric. In-fact, this is one of the most powerful Hemp products that I have ever tried.

I theorize that this Hemp tea is so strong because each tea bag is 1 gram of premium Hemp, and it can be drank in just a few minutes. Compare this to smoking, where at most someone can smoke 0.25-0.5 grams of Hemp. Basically, putting Hemp into tea form makes it easy to ingest a lot of Hemp at once, producing profoundly strong effects.

On a final note, since this is such a strong Hemp product, it can be quite sedating, so perhaps it’s best to use it towards the end of the day.

Overall I give SeaTaBa 5/5 stars, since it is an extremely convenient and powerful way to take Hemp.

Stay tuned for more episodes of SpaceMarine’s Hemp & CBD Reviews! There are countless Hemp and CBD products, and in this series I will be reviewing a full spectrum of Hemp and CBD products in order to discover which products are best and which products to avoid, so that users can make better buying decisions.