All Leaves Experience Report, An Extract Tablet Which Contains Both CBD And Kratom

All Leaves

I have taken numerous forms of Kratom in my life, and also many different types of Hemp and CBD, and I have even taken Kratom and CBD/Hemp at approximately the same time to gauge the beneficial effects of such a combination. However, I have never taken Kratom and CBD at the exact same time, nor in the same product.

Tonight I will be taking a product called ‘All Leaves’, which contains both Kratom extract and CBD isolate. Specifically, it contains 100 mg of 45% Kratom extract and 100 mg of CBD isolate per tablet. This is the alkaloid equivalent of 4-6 grams of Kratom powder, although it is likely equivalent to a much stronger dose of Kratom, since the alkaloids are released all at once rather than slowly digesting, and also since the CBD will probably potentiate the effects. Therefore, I am starting with just 1 tablet, although may take another tablet depending on how things progress.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom or Hemp in 24 hours, so this extract should work to it’s full potential. Also, I fasted all day, aside from a light snack at the end of the fast, so my stomach is empty, and this extract should work quickly.

T+ 0 I chew up the first tablet, and it tastes really good. They clearly put a lot of sugar in this to create a nice flavor. There is a pleasant note of Kratom taste in this extract.

T + 10 First I felt a calm energy, and now it has surged into a feeling of powerful energy, in addition to a solid level of euphoria. I thought this extract would be more sedating because of the CBD, but of course, it still may end up being quite sedating.

There’s a feeling that I can’t quite put my finger on, where this feels different than a Kratom extract, and that’s probably the CBD interacting. It’s a really nice effect.

T + 14 Very strong euphoria now. Tons of energy yet reality is taking on a sort’ve dream state. This is strong stuff.

T + 27 Effects are becoming very strong. I have a powerful warm Kratom feeling and intense relaxation, but simultaneously the energy continues. I am feeling quite articulate.

T + 52 The effects quickly became more sedative as the CBD takes control of this experience. I figured this would happen with such a big dose of CBD, which is why I took this late at night. I managed to get a lot of work done before the sedation hit fortunately, and still this is very enjoyable overall. Definitely something for late night though.

In-fact, for people looking for insomnia remedies, this is probably perfect.

After that I watched a movie for awhile and was very relaxed, and eventually had a nice long sleep.

Overall, I think the main benefit of this Kratom/CBD combo extract is that it provides powerful Kratom effects, while simultaneously being excellent for going to sleep. Basically, it’s like a really ‘red’ strain of Kratom, but even more sedating than any Kratom could be. Considering this, I highly recommend a Kratom/CBD combo like this for people who have insomnia, and simultaneously I caution that no one take this during the work day, only when work and errands are totally done. On a final note, just 1 tablet of this extract is more than enough even for people with a high tolerance.