The Story Of Charlotte's Web: How The Stanley Brothers Saved A Girl Named Charlotte And Started The Hemp/CBD Industry

The Hemp and CBD industry is extremely popular now, with tens of millions of Americans using Hemp and CBD products. However, that was not always the case, and in-fact the Hemp/CBD industry did not even exist until 2013.

It all started with a girl named Charlotte, a girl who was stricken with a terrible disease called Dravet Syndrome. She was literally having 300 grand mal seizures per week.

The Stanley Brothers, who are one of the biggest Cannabis growers in Colorado, stepped in to save the day. They had been experimenting with crossbreeding Cannabis plants in order to produce a type of Cannabis which was high in CBD but had almost no THC. The idea was that CBD had valuable medicinal properties, but the problem is that if someone is smoking regular Marijuana then they will be intoxicated all the time from the THC content. Certainly, regular Marijuana would not have been a solution for a child like Charlotte, since being stoned on Marijuana all the time would impede the brain development of a child.

Essentially, the Stanley Brothers produce a strain of Cannabis that had lots of CBD but less than 0.3% THC, so it could be consumed for its medicinal properties without having any intoxicating or impairing effects.

They accomplished this by cross-breeding Marijuana with Industrial Hemp. Basically, over the course of thousands of years farmers selectively breeded Cannabis that had high THC and was very intoxicating, and this is known as Marijuana, as well as another form of Cannabis that was just for industrial textile purposes like making rope, clothing, etc, and this is known as Industrial Hemp.

The Stanley Brothers cross-bred these two versions of Cannabis, and created a form of Cannabis with almost no THC and lots of CBD. This is how the Hemp/CBD industry was born.

Ultimately, the Stanley Brothers gave this new version of Cannabis to Charlotte, and she went from 300 seizures a week to just 14 seizures a week. It was clear that this new version of Cannabis with high CBD and almost no THC was an effective medicine for treating epilepsy/seizures, and it became a national sensation. The Stanley Brothers called this new form of Cannabis Charlotte’s Web.

After that Hemp/CBD products began to spread nationwide, and in December 2018 Hemp/CBD was legalized nationwide. Also, in June 2018 CBD became an FDA approved drug under the name Epidiolex, and this drug is used for rare childhood epileptic syndromes, like the disease that Charlotte has.

Thus, the entire Hemp/CBD industry started because of the Stanley Brother’s mission to save a girl named Charlotte, and in the end they did save her and many other people with their invention of a new strain of Cannabis via cross-breeding Industrial Hemp and Marijuana, a strain which is now known simply as Hemp.