Growing Hemp Part 5: Entering The Vegetation Stage, Which Is The Stage Where The Plant Proliferates For A Couple Of Months Prior To Flowering

growing hemp

The Hemp grow continues here at The Hemp & CBD Herald, and if you missed the previous parts, in part 1 I planted the seeds, in part 2 the seeds began sprouting, in part 3 I installed a grow light and the seedlings began to grow leaves, and in part 4 the seedlings were entering the latter part of the seedling stage. Notably, this is basically a series on how to grow Hemp in a very easy way for a regular person, since no special equipment is being used besides a $20 grow light from Amazon and some Miracle Gro soil.

Now in part 5 the Hemp plants are truly leaving the seedling stage and entering the vegetation stage. The vegetation stage is defined by the plants growing fully formed Cannabis leaves with 7 spokes, as seen in the article image above. At this point all 3 plants are pushing out fully formed leaves.

Although this stage is commonly referred to as the vegetative/vegetation stage, it can also be simply called the ‘mature’ stage. Basically now the Hemp plants are fully formed, and they are proliferating.

Indeed, in the images below is a picture from 10 days ago and a picture now, just to highlight how rapid the growth is. Notably, it’s only been 1 month since I first planted the seeds, another fact which reveals just how rapidly Hemp grows.

One thing I want to point out is the difference between strains. The two plants on the left appear quite similar, but the one on the right has much pointier leaves, and is clearly a different strain.

As for what I am doing to keep these plants growing, I’m keeping the grow light running 24/7, and watering the plants around once a day or once every other day. I am being careful to only give as much water as they need, which isn’t much, just a small splash of water. This is because extra water could lead to mold formation, and isn’t necessary. Also, now that the plants are becoming mature they are getting more hardy and don’t need much attention when it comes to water. Indeed, if these were growing outside, they could go a week without raining and they wouldn’t die.

I have not deployed any crystal blue Miracle Gro fertilizer yet, because the soil contains Miracle Gro already. I am thinking of adding a little Miracle Grow perhaps in a week however. I’ve basically been waiting to do that until the plants were mature, since Miracle Gro crystals at too early of a stage can burn the plants.

Beyond that, some of the lower leaves are showing spots on the middle plant, and I am considering pruning them, but will need to research that first. In general I’m not too keen on touching the plants, and haven’t touched them at all since they were born in order to avoid damage.

Zooming out, in about a couple months the plants will definitively be ready for the flowering stage, where I’ll start turning the lights off for 12-13 hours at a time. I might need to make a box at that point to ensure total darkness.

Also, at that point I’ll find out which plants are male and female. I am not going to kill the male plants, but will have to move them to another room.

Stay tuned for more articles on The Hemp & CBD Herald as the grow continues!