Growing Hemp Part 4: The Latter Part Of The Seedling Stage, Leaves Beginning To Proliferate

This is part 4 in a series on growing Hemp, with the seeds being planted in part 1, the seeds germinating and sprouting in part 2, and proper grow lights installed in part 3 which caused the plants to start growing their first real leaves.

Now in part 4 the Hemp plants are entering the latter part of the seedling stage. Basically, the seedling stage starts when the sprout first pushes through the soil, all the way until the time that fully mature leaves start taking shape. Basically, when a Hemp plant first grows real leaves, like in part 3, the leaves are single bladed. Then 3-bladed leaves begin growing, as seen in the above photo, and then come 5-bladed leaves, and then typically 7-bladed leaves is the mature stage. However, sometimes Cannabis plants can go up to 9, 11, and 13 blades per leaf if they are growing very fast.

At this point my most well-developed plant (article photo) has fully grown 3-blade leaves, with the 5-bladed leaves already popping out but not fully grown. In-fact, the 7-bladed leaves may just be coming out now as well, showing how rapidly the seedling stage progresses.

As seen in the below photo, the other two plants I am growing are also doing well. The one on the left initially did quite poorly since the seedling grew tall and lanky before I installed the grow light, and then once it started growing leaves it fell over. However, with plenty of light and a proper amount of water, it is recovering and has lifted off the ground.

It seems the vegetative stage, where fully mature 7-bladed leaves begin rapidly proliferating, may only be a week away. Overall, it is remarkable how well Hemp grows even with minimalist techniques. In this case I am using far less grow lights and far less techniques than a professional grower would, and they are still growing like weeds. Indeed, all Hemp plants need is light, water, and nutrients, just like any other plant, and there is no need to overthink it.