Growing Hemp Part 3: Grow Light Magic + First Real Leaves Are Popping Out

In part 1 of this Hemp growing article series I planted the seeds, in part 2 seedlings began to germinate and pop out of the soil, and now in part 3 the real magic is beginning to happen with the addition of a grow light.

Essentially, before I got the grow light the seedlings were growing taller stems, but the leaves were not opening up at all, as seen in the below picture. It was obvious there was not enough light for the seedlings to survive, so I rush ordered an 80 watt grow light from Amazon. The grow light was less than $30 and has a ton of features, including different light levels and the ability to run it on a timer. Also, it comes with 4 different LED light sticks.

The same day I turned on the grow light, the seedling leaves began to open up. In the several days after that the first real leaves began to grow. Essentially, when the seedling first pops up it just has a pair of ’embryonic’ leaves. Once it gets a sufficient amount of light and nutrients the real ‘cannabis leaves’ begin to grow. Below is a picture of the healthiest looking Hemp seedling. Notably, this was the seedling I rescued in part 1, and transplanted into its own pot. Soon enough the leaves that are growing now will begin to spoke out, and take on the appearance of a classic cannabis leaf.

Also notably, it’s only been 4 days since I started the grow light, so the seedlings are progressing quite quickly. Indeed, every time I look at them the leaves are a bit bigger.

There is also a new member of the Hemp seedling family. In my attempt to get more plants, since there’s only a 50/50 chance that a given plant is female and will produce buds, I put a few pots outside. We actually got a tropical storm while they were sitting out there, and the rain was enough to help a new seedling pop up. Notably, it came out of the ground with the real leaves already present, likely since it had plenty of sunlight from the beginning.

I am watering the plants lightly once a day, and making sure not to overwater them. Indeed, because the plant above got hit by a tropical storm it actually has signs of being overwatered (yellow tips on the leaves) so I am not watering that one for a couple days at least. Also, I am running the lights 24/7, since its not that strong of a grow light, so 24 hour light is needed to properly fuel the plants.

Follow the Hemp & CBD Herald as the grow continues! Things will be moving quick now, since the entire lifecycle of a Hemp plant from seeds to buds is only 2-3 months.