Cannabis Leaves Contain A Full Spectrum Of Cannabinoids And Should Not Be Wasted; A Successful Experiment Making Hemp-Leaf Tea

This morning I pruned one of my Hemp plants (from the series on growing Hemp) for the first time, since a couple of the leaves were showing signs of yellowing, and it is better to cut off a weak leaf so that the plant can focus its energy on healthy leaves.

Instead of throwing out these leaves, I decided to experiment with them. Indeed, I’ve been thinking for a long time that Cannabis leaves probably contain active Cannabinoids, and that it would be interesting to make a tea with them. After a bit of research, I quickly found that Cannabis leaves contain a full spectrum of Cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBN, CBT, CBG, CBL, and CBC. Although the concentrations of these Cannabinoids is tiny compared to the concentrations in the flower (bud), it seems likely that the combination of all of these trace Cannabinoids in the leaves would produce a medicinal effect.

After a little more research, there are indeed anecdotal and even scientific reports all over the internet that Cannabis leaves can produce a nice effect when brewed into tea. Further, Cannabis growers actually make potent extracts with the leaves.

In order to make the Hemp-leaf tea I took a small slice of butter and dropped it into a cup of water, and microwaved it until it hit a rolling boil. The butter ensures that the Cannabinoids in the leaves would be extracted into the tea, since Cannabinoids are only soluble in fat, not water. Also, the heat will help activate the Cannabinoids via decarboxylation.

I then stirred the Cannabis leaves into the tea vigorously for some time, before shredding the leaves by hand in order to release more Cannabinoids, and then stirring for awhile longer.

Ultimately, the tea has an extremely pleasant taste. Cannabis leaves don’t have the same smell as Cannabis flower, but they have an exotic smell nonetheless, and this translated into a really exotic and good taste, especially when combined with the hint of butter.

After drinking some of the Hemp-leaf tea as is, I added some honey, and the taste became absolutely amazing. Right from the beginning this tea warms the soul.

I quickly drank the whole cup of tea once it got down to the right temperature, and I am incredibly relaxed, and feel really wholesome in mind and body. I don’t know if I’m placeboing myself, but more likely it seems Hemp-leaf tea, and Cannabis-leaf tea in general, has medicinal properties. Of course don’t expect to get high on Cannabis-leaf tea, but it is definitely relaxing.

After some time a strong wave of CBD-esque sedation hit me, confirming that this Hemp-leaf tea is active. 

Thus, for anyone growing Cannabis/Hemp out there, I’d definitely recommend brewing tea with the leaves. Overall it has a very nice and unique flavor, and it is a relaxing experience.

Tomorrow I will be taking my tea making to the next level and will make a tea with Hemp flower itself. Stay tuned!