Umpqua Hemp Flower From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report

umpqua hemp flower

Today I received Umpqua Hemp Flower from Amazing Botanicals, which is a strain that is grown in Oregon. I was blown away by how potent it smells, and how nice the buds were, as can be seen in the above photo.

In my first Hemp smoking experience report I smoked a strain called Red Bordeaux that I obtained at a local headshop. I actually asked the headshop owner to give me the dankest looking buds, and that is what he gave me. It looked nice, and had nice effects, but the buds smelled nowhere near as good as regular Marijuana, and the buds were kind’ve big and not so ‘fine’. In other words, it wasn’t connoisseur level stuff.

In comparison these Umpqua Hemp buds look very fine, and smell like high-end Cannabis. Another way to say it is it’s the best sort of Cannabis smell possible. Extremely fragrant, and it’s uplifting just to smell it.

Perhaps a primary difference here is that this Hemp flower was processed in a much nicer way and is fresh, whereas the headshop Hemp is stale. 

Now time for the experience report, to see how the effects of Umpqua Hemp Flower stack up.

First off, I completely cleaned the other Hemp out of my grinder, so that I don’t smoke any other type of Hemp in this experience. I also cleaned out my pipe and I put in a fresh bowl screen.

I put the Umpqua Hemp in my grinder, and I notice right off the bat that it grinds easier than the Hemp I got from the headshop. I open the grinder to pack the bowl, and it smells incredible. I also notice that the ground up Hemp feels very delicate as compared to the stuff I got from the headshop, indicating it is much higher quality and fresher.

1:08 PM I take the first hit and it tastes extremely nice, much better taste than the headshop Hemp. Almost instantly I feel a wave of relaxation.

1:09 PM I can already tell from the first hit, and within just a minute, that this Hemp has much stronger relaxation properties than the headshop Hemp. Simultaneously, no paranoia or feeling of being overwhelmed.

1:14 PM Despite the effects of this being much stronger, with more euphoria and relaxation, I can definitely still work and function at full capacity, if not better than usual since my stress is alleviated.

1:15 PM Just took the 2nd hit. Immediate increase in euphoria and relaxation.

1:18 PM I am becoming quite talkative from this Hemp.

1:27 PM I took a 3rd hit. Moderate euphoria and relaxation with no intoxication, which is ideal.

1:46 PM I did my morning prayers, and feeling really nice. No stress, moderate euphoria, and zero intoxication. Perfect state of mind for working and getting things done.

Overall, this Umpqua Hemp Flower from Amazing Botanicals is incredible stuff. It is much more fragrant and nicer looking than the Hemp I got from the headshop a week ago, and the experience is much smoother, with the perfect balance of relaxation, stress relief, and euphoria, while simultaneously causing no intoxication and little if any sedation. This Umpqua Hemp is the perfect strain for the daytime or for work, or really for any situation where you need some stress relief but don’t want to be impaired in any way.