Smoking Hemp Experience Report, It's Better Than Regular Cannabis!

smoking hemp

In this article I will describe how to smoke Hemp, and what the minute by minute experience is like when smoking hemp.

First off, it is important to note I have not ingested any Hemp or Cannabis in a very long time. That being said, I used to be a major stoner, so I am quite experienced with smoking Cannabis.

Notably, Hemp is actually Cannabis, except Hemp has less than 0.3% THC, so the method to smoke Hemp is the same as the method used to smoke Cannabis.

The main reason I am choosing to try Hemp is because I have heard it has all the benefits of smoking Cannabis, except it doesn’t cause strong intoxication, it doesn’t cause paranoia, and it is still easy to function on Hemp.

I don’t like smoking Cannabis because it is too strong, and I want to see if it is true if Hemp has all of the benefits with none of the bad.

In the article picture above you can see my smoking setup. I got a cheap metal pipe, bowl screens to prevent the Hemp from getting sucked through the pipe, and a 4-piece grinder to properly grind the Hemp. 4-piece grinders are awesome because they collect Kief in the bottom chamber, which is super potent Hemp crystals that you can collect and smoke for a stronger experience.

4:49 PM I put the brass screen snugly in the bowl, so I don’t suck in any ash when smoking.

4:51 PM I place a potent looking bud into the grinder and start grinding. It smells extremely nice.

4:55 PM I pack the bowl, and it looks just like real Cannabis, because it is real Cannabis.

5:03 PM I got delayed a bit cause I had a phone call, but I am ready to smoke! I take a hit and hold it in, and it tastes just like real weed.

Instantly I feel a flush of warmth across my body, simultaneous with a wave of relaxation. I took a pretty big hit.

5:05 PM This is very interesting! Unlike regular Cannabis where I start to get way too high by this point even from 1 hit, I feel totally sober and my brain is still working 100%. This seems to be an incredible advantage of smoking Hemp. All of the fun of smoking Cannabis without my mind being shattered.

5:06 PM Overall I just feel happier and more relaxed, but still 100% sharp. This is incredible. I’ve always wanted Cannabis to be like this, where my mind doesn’t get blown to bits just for taking a hit.

5:08 PM I take another couple of hits. My mind still has not been blown to bits, just more relaxed!

5:11 PM The feeling of relaxation has increased, and the feeling of sedation is creeping in a bit. This is the exact level of ‘stonedness’ that I prefer, so I stopped smoking.

The amazing thing is that with the potent Cannabis out there on the streets, it never hits this perfect level where I got some good feelings and relaxation but can still fully function, it just goes right past that level even with a tiny hit. It’s nice to be able to take some hits and slowly reach the exact level of ‘stonedness’ that I prefer.

5:15 PM This definitely has the same feeling as Cannabis, just much easier to control the dose. I’m sure if I smoked a bunch more I could get totally stoned, but I don’t want to do that.

Right now I have a nice pressure in my forehead and behind my eyes, just like with Cannabis, and just feeling super chill and relaxed. This is a major stress reliever!

5:17 PM Feeling a bit more sedated, I wouldn’t mind a nap. Of course, it’s the end of a long work day so that’s a normal feeling at this time. Simultaneously though, zero paranoia and just all-around good feelings, and very little intoxication and I’m still fully functional.

5:20 PM Music is really awesome right now! Doing some writing work right now, which would be impossible if I smoked regular Cannabis.

5:26 PM The effects are steady now. Just a perfect level of Cannabis feeling with moderate euphoria and relaxation, and zero paranoia, zero memory loss, and my brain is working just as good as before I smoked.

Overall, I strongly recommend Hemp to people who smoke regular Cannabis, since clearly it provides all the relaxing and euphoric benefits of Cannabis, as well as a very nice body feeling, without any paranoia, intoxication, or feeling of being overwhelmed. Hemp is the perfect form of Cannabis for people who want to smoke but still function.

That’s all for now, but follow the The Hemp & CBD Herald for all sorts of articles on how to use Hemp, and scientific research about its health benefits. Also, if you want to buy some Hemp Flower, head over to Amazing Botanicals. 3.5 grams of Hemp flower there costs just $10.