Hemp Has All Of The Benefits Of Marijuana While Simultaneously Having None Of The Bad Side Effects Like Paranoia And Lethargy

Hemp, which is a type of Cannabis that has less than 0.3% THC and is legal everywhere in the United States, is an excellent alternative to regular Marijuana based on my personal experiences.

I smoked Marijuana for many years, but ultimately had to stop when I got married, because Marijuana made me so lethargic and unmotivated that I couldn’t even work. Literally, I had to make a choice between surviving or continuing to smoke weed, so of course I chose survival. Further, I tried smoking Marijuana a couple of times after I quit, and 1 hit would make me instantly paranoid and overwhelmed, and I would basically be crippled and have to hide in bed until it wore off.

Although Hemp and Marijuana are both from the Cannabis plant, Hemp has drastically different, and drastically better effects. I find that I can smoke Hemp and get strong feelings of relaxation and euphoria, but simultaneously the Hemp doesn’t cause me to get sedated, lethargic, or unmotivated.

Indeed, I am a journalist, and I can still write articles while on Hemp and my cognitive function is not decreased at all, whereas if I smoked a hit of regular Marijuana I would struggle to even write a sentence.

The other primary benefit of Hemp is there is no feeling of paranoia or being overwhelmed. The Hemp experience is just pure relaxation, without that ‘getting ripped out of reality’ feeling that Marijuana often gives.

Therefore, for any situation, whether it be work, socializing, or relaxing by yourself, Hemp is a better option than Marijuana.

Simply, Hemp has all of the benefits of Cannabis, like relaxation, euphoria, and analgesia, without any of the bad effects like paranoia, lethargy, lack of motivation, being overwhelmed, and tripping out.

Considering all of this, I think Marijuana users could greatly benefit by switching to Hemp, since they can enjoy all of the benefits of Cannabis without impeding their ability to function.

On a final note, since Hemp is legal everywhere in the USA, you can obtain it and smoke it without any fear of being arrested, and if you get Hemp from Amazing Botanicals you are guaranteed to get a pure product and it is very cheap. Compare this to illegal street Marijuana, which can land you in a heap of legal problems, is very expensive, you have to associate with drug dealers to obtain it, and it’s often adulterated with highly addictive and dangerous synthetic chemicals, which is a subject that will be discussed in a future article on The Hemp & CBD Herald.