Hemp Firecrackers: An Easy Way To Make Potent Hemp Edibles

hemp firecrackers

Today I am going to be describing how to make Hemp Firecrackers, and the minute by minute experience after eating them. No, these are not fireworks made with Hemp, rather it’s an edible that is so awesome and easy to make that it is called a Firecracker.

I start by weighing out a gram of Hemp flower, as can be seen in the below photo. I then proceed to grind the Hemp flower. It does not all fit in my grinder at once, so I have to grind it and empty it out onto a plate a couple of times.

I then prepare the oven by setting it to 320 F, which is the standard temperature for baking Cannabis edibles in general, since the goodies inside of Cannabis/Hemp break down above 350 F.

After that I get two pieces of Matzah, which is the perfect ‘cracker’ to use for Firecrackers since they are so big, and I spread peanut butter across both pieces. Peanut butter is critical for this recipe since the CBD and other Cannabinoids are extracted into the peanut butter fats, which is what makes them orally active once you bake it in the oven.

I then put the gram of ground-up Hemp flower onto one of the pieces of Matzah as seen in the picture above, and spread it as evenly as I can. Obviously I could have used a lot more Hemp, perhaps even an entire eighth would have fit, but a gram should be more than enough for the effects I am aiming for.

I then take the other piece of Matzah with peanut butter and place it on top, so that the Hemp is thoroughly saturated with peanut butter, so all of it is extracted during the baking process. I then put it into the oven, and will wait 30-45 minutes.

I then turn the oven off after 45 minutes, and an extremely pleasant smell of Cannabis mixed with peanut butter lofted out of the oven. I let it sit there a bit longer to finish cooking and cool down a bit before I take it out.

At 1:53 PM I began eating the Firecracker. I split it with my wife, and actually gave her the slightly bigger half. It took me about 10 minutes to eat it, and notably it’s my first food of the day, so I ate it on an empty stomach. It was actually quite filling and is a good meal.

2:16 PM It’s been about 10 minutes since I finished eating my half of the Firecracker, and I feel extremely good. I went from feeling a bit achey and stressed, to a really amazing body feeling where all pain and aches are gone. Also fairly strong euphoria, and my stress is lifted away.

In-fact, I definitively think that this is a much stronger way to take Hemp than smoking the flower. This may be due to the THCA in the Hemp being decarboxylated into THC during the baking process. Indeed, although Hemp has less than 0.3% THC, Hemp has roughly 0.5% THCA, and most of that THCA may have been converted into THC, making it much more potent.

Simultaneously however, just like with smoking Hemp, it’s all of the good effects of Cannabis with none of the bad, thanks to the high ratio of CBD to THC. No feelings of paranoia, and no feelings of being overwhelmed, and I am fully functional and writing as fast as a hurricane. It’s actually the perfect Cannabis effect in my opinion.

2:40 PM This seems like a massive success. Extremely relaxed feelings, lots of euphoria, with some slight sedation, perfect for Sunday. Notably, strong analgesic effects as well, this gets rid of all aches and pains. I definitely prefer these Firecrackers over smoking, it’s just a profoundly stronger, better, and longer lasting effect.

3:13 PM Extremely relaxing and euphoric effects are continuing, and I think it will probably last for hours.

Overall, I highly recommend Hemp Firecrackers. This ended up being surprisingly more enjoyable than smoking Hemp flower, since it has overall stronger and better effects, and lasts a really long time. My wife, who ate slightly more of the Hemp Firecracker than me, agrees.

On a final note, one point I want to stress is just like with smoking Hemp, it has all of the good effects of Cannabis with none of the bad. At no point during the experience was I intoxicated, nor did I lose any cognitive function, despite the very positive relaxing and euphoric effects.