Hemp Butter Recipe, An Easy And Effective Way To Infuse All Sorts Of Foods With Hemp!

hemp butter

Hemp, like other forms of Cannabis, can be used to make countless recipes. The primary building block of Hemp-infused recipes is either Hemp butter or Hemp oil. Basically, the Cannabinoids in Hemp, including THC and CBD but also including dozens of other compounds, are soluble in fat. Since Cannabinoids are soluble in fat, you can basically infuse butter with Hemp, as will described in this article. From there you can make an infinite number of Hemp recipes, since any recipe that uses butter can use Hemp butter instead.

The ingredients to make Hemp butter are real simple, you literally need butter and Hemp flower. In this case I am using 1 stick of salted butter, and 1/8th ounce (1.7 grams) of Suver Haze Hemp Flower from Amazing Botanicals, which contains over 13% CBD, 0.18% THC, and 0.52% THCA.

The first step is to heat up some water in a pot on the stove. For this recipe I am using 1 cup of distilled water, which is a form of water that has been purified via the distilling process, where the water is boiled and then re-condensed, removing all impurities. However, any sort of water, even tap water, would probably be fine.

Once the water reaches a boil, I throw in the stick of butter and let it melt. I then let the butter/water mixture reach a boil.

The recipes for making Hemp butter diverge at this point. Alot of recipes online say to heat up the Hemp flower in the oven first in order to activate the Cannabinoids, and then only to put the Hemp butter mixture on a low simmer for several hours. However, I will simply be boiling the Hemp/butter/water mixture, in order to activate the cannabinoids at the same time I am infusing the butter with the Cannabinoids.

Back to the recipe, once the water/butter mixture reaches a boil, I stir in the Hemp flower. Before stirring in the Hemp flower I grind it up in a standard grinder, in order to increase the absorption/extraction of the Cannabinoids.

The Hemp flower dissolves into the mixture very easily, and I stir often to prevent the Hemp flower from burning at the bottom. The house fills with an incredible aroma within minutes.

On a side note, the reason I am using water is so that I can activate the Cannabinoids via boiling the mixture without burning any butter or Hemp. This mixture boils between 225 F – 250 F, which is the perfect temperature to extract and activate Cannabinoids without vaporizing them.

After 20 minutes globs of Hemp butter begin to condense at the top of the mixture, but I stir them in and continue to boil.

After 30 minutes more and more Hemp butter is condensing at the top. Also, it smells just like a professional Cannabis edible, like the ones I used to take back in college that were direct from California.

After 50 minutes the layer of condensed Hemp butter on the top is so thick that I can’t stir it all back in anymore. Here is a picture of it below. Keep in mind that when I started cooking there was no layer at all. I believe it’s almost time to pour out the Hemp butter, but I’ll keep cooking for a little while, since there’s still plenty of liquid under the layer of condensed Hemp butter, and none of it is burning at the temperature I’m cooking at, so doesn’t hurt to keep cooking.

After 1 hour of cooking all the water has boiled off, and no more boiling is occurring. I poured the liquid Hemp butter into a glass cup, and then covered the cup with tin foil and put it in the freezer, which will quickly turn it into solid butter.

Notably, the Hemp flower remnants collected at the bottom and were a brown color, which is a very positive sign since the browning indicates that the Hemp flower was fully decarboxylated and activated.

Some recipes call for the Hemp flower remnants to be strained out in order to produce a finer Hemp butter, but I chose to keep the remnants. They will sink to the bottom of the Hemp butter anyways during the setting process. Also, I like the taste of Hemp flower in edibles, and the Hemp flower remnants certainly still have active Cannabinoids in them, especially cause their soaked with the Hemp butter.

After some time in the freezer it begins to get cloudy as the Hemp butter solidifies, and the part of the butter touching the glass has already set. Just a little longer and my Hemp butter will be ready, which means it’s almost time for an incredible breakfast!

Finally the butter has totally settled. It is soft just like butter should be. It has a greenish hue due to the infused cannabinoids as seen in the picture below. Notably, the Hemp flower remnants did settle at the bottom of the butter as expected, and are a brown mass, with the ‘cream of the crop’, i.e. pure Hemp butter with no flower in it, at the top.

I toasted some bagels and spread the Hemp butter on it, and it’s absolutely delicious. It tastes just like professional Cannabis edibles, and has an absolutely perfect flavor and texture.

Within about 10 minutes waves of warmth and relaxation are washing over me, and I’m getting that pressure behind my eyes like I just smoked some Hemp flower.  After a little bit more time I am fully relaxed plus feeling quite euphoric, overall a strong and wholesome ‘Hemped out’ feeling.

In conclusion, it is clear that this simple Hemp butter recipe is extremely effective for activating and extracting the Cannabinoids! Further, the sky is the limit when it comes to all the types of foods you can use Hemp butter in. Literally, with Hemp butter you can turn any food into a powerful stress relieving and pain relieving medicine.