Growing Hemp Part 2: Germination Successful! And A Rapidly Growing Hemp Seedling

In a previous article on The Hemp & CBD Herald I initiated the Hemp growing process by planting Hemp seeds. I used no special techniques for planting these seeds, I simply put the seeds in pots of Miracle Gro soil, which is a pre-fertilized soil, and then watered them lightly once a day. Also, the pots were not even in the sunlight, and in-fact in a cold dimly lit room, since sunlight is not required for germination (although sunlight does help alot).

The seeds did take a long time to germinate, and perhaps planting them outside would’ve been faster. In the last article I planted a Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seed in one of the pots as a control for this experiment, since Morning Glory seeds always germinate. After 5 days the Morning Glory seedling did pop up, and the Hemp seeds still had not broken through the surface.

I began to wonder if the Umpqua Hemp seeds were inert, since they did nothing for over a week.

However, 5 days after starting this ‘experiment’ I was smoking some Afghan Purple Hemp, and found a couple of seeds. I planted it, and just 3 days later an Afghani Purple seed sprouted!

hemp seedling

In only a couple of days since the seed originally sprouted, the seedling has grown fast and is almost over the top of the pot, although not much is happening in terms of the leaves opening/growing.

Now that the seedling is sprouted and growing fast, it’s definitely going to need better light conditions. I put it outside in the sun for a little while today, and tomorrow I am receiving a specialized growing light from Amazon. Otherwise, the seedling will not have enough energy to grow leaves.

Stay tuned for updates as the Hemp grow continues. On a final note, I am hoping to get other seedlings to pop up, and I’m working on that, because as it is now I only have a 50/50 chance of this plant being female. If it is male, then it will be absolutely useless for growing buds.


Right as I was about to post this article, I looked in the pot where the Hemp seedling is growing, and another seed had sprouted! It was the Umpqua seed, finally coming to life after 10 days. I had thought it was inert, which was the only reason why I put the Afghani Purple seed in there.

I had to perform emergency ‘surgery’, since if the seeds were left to grow together they would kill each other. I took a spoon, and carefully scooped out the Umpqua seedling as seen below. I then filled a new pot with soil, and carefully placed the seedling in while making sure not to hurt it. I then watered it.

So now I have 2 Hemp plants, assuming the surgery was successful, increasing my odds of getting a female. Further, I think the Umpqua sprouted because I put that pot out in the sun for a little while today. I am now putting the other two pots out in the sun, and maybe they will finally germinate too.