December 20 2018 Is Hemp Independence Day, Since That Was The Day All Hemp & CBD Products Became Legal Nationwide

hemp legalization

I’m writing this post on July 1, and American Independence Day is only a few days away. In this article I will discuss Hemp Independence Day, since if it weren’t for Hemp Independence Day the multibillion dollar Hemp and CBD industry wouldn’t exist, nor would The Hemp & CBD Herald exist.

Hemp Independence Day was actually just 1.5 years ago on December 20 2018, and indeed Hemp has a relatively brief history of being legal in the United States.

Cannabis has been under fire from government regulators for decades, with Cannabis and all natural Cannabinoids being declared Schedule I controlled substances in 1970. Schedule I is reserved for the worst drugs, and it seems nonsensical that Cannabis, which is widely popular and has numerous benefits, is in the same class as Cocaine and Heroin.

There has been a massive movement over the past decade to legalize Cannabis, and there are only 8 states where Cannabis is still completely illegal, with the other states approving either medical marijuana or fully decriminalizing any Cannabis use.

However, on the Federal level Cannabis is certainly still illegal, and Federal authorities have the right to arrest or take actions against anyone dealing with Cannabis.

Unlike the Cannabis industry, Hemp is actually legal on the Federal level, thanks to the 2018 United States Farm Bill, which included provisions from the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

This law established that any Hemp product which contained less than 0.3% Δ⁹-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is considered fully legal anywhere in the United States.

Therefore, as of December 20 2018 any Hemp or CBD product can legally be purchased, sold, traded, and used anywhere in the United States, and this has led to the formation of the Hemp and CBD industry which is worth $5 billion now and expected to grow into a tens of billions of dollars industry in the coming years.

More importantly, now that Hemp and CBD is legal, it is providing much needed pain and stress relief to untold millions of Americans.

Happy Hemp Independence Day! And Welcome to The Hemp & CBD Herald, where I will be covering all Hemp and CBD news, and deep diving Hemp and CBD science.