Amazing Botanicals Now Has Six Premium Hemp Flower Strains! Cannabinoid Profiles, Characteristics, And High Definition Pictures Of Each Strain In This Article

hemp flower

Just like other forms of Cannabis, Hemp has numerous different strains. Each strain of Hemp has a unique Cannabinoids profile, and these strains are produced via a breeding process by expert Cannabis growers. Essentially, Cannabis scientists/growers cross-breed plants to develop hybrid plants with unique characteristics, and this will be discussed further in a future article on The Hemp & CBD Herald.

Amazing Botanicals now offers six different Hemp flower strains, which can be seen in the article image above. Each one of these strains is unique when it comes to color, smell, taste, and Cannabinoids profile, and I decided to get some of each, and it is the most ultimate Cannabis collection that I have ever had in my life.

Below is a deep dive of the Cannabinoids in each strain, some of the properties of the buds, and high definition pictures of each strain.

Afghani Purple  (pic below) has 15.24% CBD, 0.71% CBG, 0.11% THC, and 1.23% THCA, and it has purplish colors mixed throughout the bud as can be seen in the below image. Notably, the Afghani Purple buds are quite compact compared to other strains, and have tons of crystals and trichomes (the little orange hairs). Also, the smell is incredibly floral and amazing.

Frosted Magna (pic below) has 11.47% CBD, 0.08% CBG, 0.12% THC, and 0.42% THCA, and the buds are absolutely filled with trichomes, and also the buds are quite sizeable. The smell is similar to Afghani Purple, since it’s very floral, but the Frosted Magna has a more fruity note to the smell.

Sour Space Candy (pic below) has 15.8% CBD, 0.04% CBG, 0.29% THC, and 0.34% THCA, and the smell is pleasantly fruity with a hint of sour, just like its name indicates. The buds are nice and big, and have a ton of crystals.

Suver Haze (pic below) has 13.23% CBD, 0.13% CBD, 0.18% THC, and 0.52% THCA, and the buds are absolutely huge, while simultaneously having tons of trichomes and crystals. It has a floral smell, and simultaneously the smell is quite unique compared to the other strains.

Umpqua (pic below) has 13% CBD, 0.75% CBG, less than 0.3% THC, and 0.49% THCA, and it has an extremely excellent Cannabis smell and lots of orange trichomes. Also, the shape of the buds is quite perfect.

Suzy Q’s Blue Dream (pic below) has 16.6% CBD, 0.66% CBG, less than 0.3% THC, and 0.7% THCA, and the buds are small and compact and dense with crystals and trichomes. It has an extremely pleasant fruity smell.

I recommend that Hemp connoisseurs got some of each, just like I did, since each strain is truly unique as described in this article. In future articles on The Hemp & CBD Herald I will be posting experience reports for each strain.